Charlie McCarthy

Office Greeter


Why we think Charlie is the cat's meow!

Charlie is FatCat's resident stress reliever and office greeter. He has won the coveted "Most Excited to Come into the Office Every Day" award every month since he started. 

Basic information

Nickname: Charles, Chaz

How long have you worked at FatCat? 7 Years

Personality Traits: Sassy, Talkative, and Bossy​​

MY Story

A little about Charlie. . . 

Hey there! 

My name is Charlie. I was born under a shed with my fellow litter mates 7 years ago. My mom adopted me when I was 10 weeks old, and I've been living the life ever since! People think I'm cute because of my short little legs and long body. I look a lot like a really big dachshund. I have a tail like a weapon; it really has a mind of its own when I get excited - I can't help it! In my spare time, I like to dig into materials that cannot be dug into and chew up indestructible toys.

A day in the office

Charlie's Adventures 

We are a different kind of creative marketing and communications group, crafting customized solutions to clients while they enjoy our Design Without the Drama approach.