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SSL certificates perform two major functions—encryption and identity validation. Both are essential to gaining the trust and, ultimately, the business of online visitors.

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What Can SSL Do For You


Improve website performance

HTTPS speeds up page loads to deliver the best online customer experience possible.

Drive more website traffic

With Google rewards, a site can see as much as a 5% boost in search engine rankings. 

Reduce customer abandonment

Offers website validation to give customers the confidence they need to hit “Buy Now’.

Increase overall conversions

Bizrate reports 69% of visitors will immediately leave a site if it doesn't display a trust symbol. 

Leverage the latest innovations 

Faster and safer, HTTP/2 is the first big revision to the outdated HTTP network protocol.

Enable must-have mobile features

The most in-demand mobile features are only enabled over secured HTTPS sessions.

Sharpen your competitive edge

Online visitors will notice the extra steps taken to put their security front and center.

Avoid phishing attacks

Providing defense against cybercriminals to ensure only the “good guys” are approved. 

Why Move to HTTPS?

Simply and Save with Expert Solutions

Improve Your SEO with SSL Security 

Your company doesn't have nine lives to spare - that's usually just a cat thing - when it comes to security. 

So what are you waiting for? Take our free SEO assessment and improve your website's health today!


We've got answers! Learn everything you need to know about SSL and what you need in order to stay compliant with the latest online security standards.


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