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Welcome to the Family!

With every client, our FatCat family grows - since pets are extensions of every family - we like to include them! Meet FatCat's Furry Family and find local events you and your pet can enjoy together.

Sebastian Bach Schlosser

Meet Sebastian Bach Schlosser, adored pet of Heidi Schlosser of Maryland State Dental Association.  Bash, as they fondly call him, is a tuxedo kitty they couldn’t help but rescue six years ago when he was just one.  He tips the scales at 19lbs — gaining him entry into the exclusive FatCat Heavy Weight Class!  His bff is Obi and his soul mate is Tara Schlosser.  His newest obsession is to follow the red laser pointer around the house, waiting patiently day and night for the red dot to come out and play! His family considers him a ‘personality plus’!


Eating Playing with Obi Red Laster Pointer  

Obi Schlosser

Obi, owned by Heidi Schlosser of Maryland State Dental Association, is a 1 1/2 year old long-haired dachshund. He is a mix of dapple and brindle. Affection is his best trick. He loves to lay over your shoulder and hook himself into your body. One of Obi’s favorite places is Milkhouse Brewery in Mount Airy. He is a crowd surfer. He gets passed around the brewery spreading his love to all, big and small.


Cuddling Giving Kisses Breweries Crowd Surfing 

Bellini Snider

Bellini, owned by Erin Snider of FatCat Studios is a Siamese mix. She enjoys staying up all night, sleeping all day, and looking down at her loyal subjects from the safety of the top of the kitchen cabinets.


Scratching Bird Watching Boxes Plant Nibbling Stretching

Chibbs Behlke

Chibbs is a pound pup! He enjoys begging for food, barking at every sound, and the occasional cuddle when he is up for it.


Hiking Naps Big Bones Playing in the Mud

Beast Denis

Beast is an Orange Tabby. He loves eating (How do you think he got the name Beast?), picking on his sister, and cuddling.


Treats Sleeping Chin Scratches Laser Toys

Fern Jordan

Fern, owned by Mia Jordan of FatCat Studios. She is allergic to chicken and maybe other things. She has to wear a little neckerchief so she doesn’t scratch. She is very high maintenance.


Playing Talking Going for Walks Eating Inappropriate Plants Solving Treat Puzzles

Mango Foley

Mango is a Love Bird. He enjoys cuddling with his wife, Kiwi, chirping to Bob Marley songs, and looking at himself in the mirror.


Sunflower Seed Singing Ringing Bells Escape Artistry

Nova Weller

Nova is a 3 year old Cockapoo. She enjoys her walks outside, and loves to cuddle. She specifically enjoys chasing butterflies in the warm season and chasing flying leaves in the colder season. She is very obedient, smart, and kind, but her enemy is the garbage truck.


Cuddling Chewy Toys Tennis Balls Walks

Huey Spicknall

Huey is a 1 year old Mallard. He enjoys swimming, digging holes in the mud, and posing for the camera! You can guarantee no matter where you go in the house he is always just a few steps behind you at all times.


Bath Time Squeaky Toys Fresh Garden Greens Quacking Waddling

Miss Elly Wilson

Elly is an American Quarter Horse. She enjoys show jumping, getting her mane braided with pretty ribbons, and trail rides along the sunflower fields.


Apples Being Brushed Trail Rides Frolicking

Bailey Beals

Bailey is a Pitbull Terrier mix. She enjoys long walks in the park, running at top speed up and down the hallway, and playing tug-of-war with anything she can get ahold of.


Car Rides Laying in the Sun Treats Chasing Squirrels