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Is Free SSL Right for Me?

When free SSL certificates came on the scene, bloggers and business owners alike cheered. And, now that Google is serving up all unencrypted pages with a “Not Secure” warning, they offer a fast, economical option for securing your website.  

Free SSL certificates provide peace of mind that all information that’s shared is encrypted and protected in transit. This is an essential step in your website security. But, depending on the type of site you have and your goals—you may want to consider upgrading to a paid business-validated SSL certificate.

Here are a few things you’ll want to think through before you decide if free is the way to go.


Identity Matters

Free SSL certificates provide encryption and validate you own your domain. This is probably sufficient if you have a blog or a small personal non-business site. But, today’s savvy visitors are painfully aware of how often data gets into the wrong hands. Business-validated SSL certificates require more extensive vetting by the Certificate Authorities (CAs), so your visitors feel confident you’re a legitimate business they can trust. 


The Power of Site Seals

You may be surprised to know that, according to monetizepros.com, a whopping 61% of shoppers decided not to buy because a site was missing a trust seal. Business-validated SSL certificates, specifically Extended Validation (EV), proudly display a dynamic site seal that gives your visitors the reassurance they’re looking for.



What If Protection

Sure, “what if” may never happen. But, if you’ve ever filed an insurance claim for your house or car, you know protection for the unexpected when you do need it is worth every penny. If something goes wrong with your certificate, even if it’s not your fault, business-validated SSL certificates include a warranty that protects you against excessive liability.

Expert Guidance

Generating CSRs, validating, installing, and managing SSL certificates, not to mention compliance, can be confusing, even with free versions. You never know when you’ll need a team of experts to call on for guidance. What if another Heartbleed bug came along? Would you be able to fly solo and know exactly what to do? If you’re like most organizations, the answer is no. Business-validated SSL certificates provide the support and expertise you need when you need it.

Choosing the right SSL certificate is an important decision that has daily ramifications on your reputation, engagement, conversion, and overall online success. On the web, trust and perception are everything, so it’s essential to review your options and make an informed choice that fits your budget and business goals. 

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