CHECK MEOWT! Purroject Highlights March 2019
Menu Layout Front and Back

It’s sooo much more than just listing out your food offerings and a corresponding price. For many people, a restaurant’s menu sets the stage for a positive, or negative, dining experience. That’s why it is important that your menu expresses your restaurant’s personality and entices customers with an innovative, well-organized design.

FatCat has experience designing beautiful menus and finds the task both compelling and challenging. Our designer, Erin, designed these menus as a personal project to help visually show a well-crafted, thoughtful layout. The strategy behind the layout makes the menu easy to navigate, places the ‘top items’ in the top spots and highlights possible add-ons.

Brunch Menu Layout

According to Consumerist, removing dollar signs from a menu makes people spend more money! When you remove the dollar signs, you take away the ‘cost’ of the meal, therefore your customers don’t feel like they're spending money.

FatCat Studios

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