JULY 2019


FatCat Studios Holiday Graphics

Social media is here to stay!

It may seem like a vast, mysterious world, but it has become a tool that is vital to marketing success.

Interacting over social media is one of the most effective ways to humanize your brand.

At FatCat, we liked to spice up our content by posting about holidays that are relevant to our field of work.

These type of posts keep our feed lighthearted, show off our personality and are easy for people to relate to!

Don’t Be Typical!

Creating posts specific to your company will not only boost your engagements, it will make it easy for you to stand out amongst an ever-growing crowd!

Customized holiday graphics are a great, and creative, way to keep your feed current. Not only will the eye-catching graphics break up your content, they’ll increase engagement, which will ultimately increase your page likes... all while showcasing your superior skills!

~Megan Day, FatCat's Social Media Specialist

  FatCat Studios

FatCat Studios is a boutique design group located in Baltimore, MD. With more than 20 years in the field, we’ve learned it’s not just about how great our work is, it’s also about how great we are to work with. Experience our popular “Design Without the Drama” approach firsthand!