The Arc Annual Report

The Arc Central Chesapeake Region exists to empower people with disabilities to reach independence and to connect families and the community with the resources they need. Everyone who comes to The Arc brings their own story and a vision for themselves.

2017 saw a year of transition for The Arc Central Chesapeake Region, and they wanted to highlight this by making it the theme of their Annual Report. The goal was to display their amazing accomplishments and financial statements in an attractive and informative manner, while speaking to the overarching theme of transition.

The graduated colors used throughout the report represented a year of evolution, whereas the triangles usage was two-fold: those facing left acted as a subtle nod towards the past year and those facing right symbolized forward movement.

We’ve been working with FatCat for almost a year and we love working with the whole team! They turn around our projects quickly and we love having them as partners in the creative process, and appreciate how hard they work to meet our vision. They’re definitely one of our favorite vendors!

Catie Comer
Advancement Coordinator The Arc Central Chesapeake Region

FatCat Studios

FatCat Studios is a boutique design group located in Baltimore, MD. With more than 20 years in the field, we’ve learned it’s not just about how great our work is, it’s also about how great we are to work with. Experience our popular “Design Without the Drama” approach firsthand!

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